Windows Vista Is Maturing

Windows Vista is maturing, and based upon various complaints about different issues, Microsoft has started issuing comprehensive updates.

In September, Microsoft issued (KB938979): An update is available that improves the performance and reliability of Windows Vista. Last week, Microsoft updated that update, with (KB941649): An update is available that improves the compatibility, reliability, and stability of Windows Vista.

Among the issues hoped to be mitigated by this update are the Vista Printing problems of various symptoms. We'll be watching the effects of this update, closely.

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The Run Window

Many times, when I ask somebody to diagnose their problem, I'll ask for useful material like an "ipconfig" log. I'll ask that they

Open a Command window, and type "ipconfig /all".
and they respond with
I did. A window opened, and closed, and I couldn't read a thing.

What was just described was not the Command window, it was the Run window.

The Run window works great, for Windows applets. Use the Command window for Command applications. Simply type "cmd" here, and hit the Enter key, or the OK button, when you are producing a diagnostic log that I request.

And a Command window should open for you.

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