The File And Settings Transfer Wizard

One of the many benefits of having a domain is the ease in managing user accounts and profiles. The user accounts, and profiles, start on the domain controller, and are replicated onto the client computers as necessary. The domain controller is updated, with any changes to the profile, from the client computer. When you move to a new computer, the updated profile is copied from the domain controller.

When you're in a workgroup, managing accounts and profiles is not so simple. Next time you have Windows Explorer open, look at "C:\Documents and Settings". Look at your personal profile folder structure in there. How do you find and copy all of the settings, and personal files, in there? Doing that, file by file, could take forever.

So we have the File and Settings Transfer Wizard, to export all personal settings, and profile files, for installation on another workgroup computer. To run the wizard, go to All Programs - Accessories - System Tools.

When you run the wizard, you have 2 main choices.

  • Export
    This is the computer I want to transfer files and settings from.
  • Import
    This is the computer I want to transfer files and settings to.

Should you choose to Export, you must then choose what media to use.
  • Direct (serial) cable.
  • Network.
  • Removable media ("Floppy" drive or similar).
  • Removable drive or network drive.

Should you choose to Import, you are asked about how you ran (or intend to run) the wizard on the old computer.
  • Create a wizard disk in removable media.
  • You already created a wizard disk.
  • You will use the XP CD wizard.
  • You already ran the wizard on the old computer, and have exported everything.

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