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Besides using network monitoring tools like The Dude, sometimes you need detailed information. Occasionally, having the same detailed information, for all computers on the network, is useful. If you need to extract that same bit of information, repeatedly, scripting the extract is the only thing to do.

This is where NetCheck comes into use.

NOTE: Using NetCheck successfully requires that you have a working administrative account setup, and in use, on your LAN. Make sure that you have the authority, before wasting your time.

Take the following code (everything INSIDE the "#####" lines). Please DO NOT include ANY portion of the "#####" lines. Follow instructions below, precisely.

  1. Create folder C:\Utility on your computer, and make that folder part of the Path.
  2. Download PSTools (free) From SysInternals. Copy all components of PSTools, unzipped, into C:\Utility.
  3. Open Notepad. Ensure that Format - Word Wrap is not checked. Highlight then Copy the code (Ctrl-C), precisely as it is presented below, and Paste (Ctrl-V) into Notepad.
  4. Add a list of your computers - substituted for "pc1 pc2 pc3" - into the third command. Note: This list is case insensitive - "PC1" is the same as "pc1".
  5. Save the Notepad file as "netcheck.cmd", as type "All Files", into C:\Utility.
  6. Run it by Start - Run - "netcheck".
  7. Wait patiently.
  8. When Notepad opens up displaying c:\netcheck.txt, first check Format and ensure that Word Wrap is NOT checked! Then, copy the entire contents (Ctrl-A Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) into your next post. Or, examine the file yourself.

Do this from each computer, please, with all computers powered up and online. Running this code from each computer will give us a more complete picture of how each computer is setup, and what each computer can see from the others. On a completely working LAN, the multiple copies produced should be symmetrical. Running this, repeatedly, would be redundant. Since you're here, it probably won't be for you.

##### Start NetCheck Base Code

@echo off
@echo NetCheck V1.00 >c:\NetCheck.txt
for %%a in (pc1 pc2 pc3) do (call :Loop1 %%a)
notepad c:\netcheck.txt
goto :End

set NetCheckCmd=psexec \\%1
if /i %1!==%computername%! set NetCheckCmd=
@echo NetCheck %1
@echo. >>c:\NetCheck.txt
@echo NetCheck %1 >>c:\NetCheck.txt
@echo. >>c:\NetCheck.txt
%NetCheckCmd% ipconfig /all >>c:\NetCheck.txt
@echo. >>c:\NetCheck.txt
%NetCheckCmd% net config server >>c:\NetCheck.txt
@echo. >>c:\NetCheck.txt
%NetCheckCmd% browstat status >>c:\NetCheck.txt


##### End NetCheck Base Code

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