Choose Your WiFi Client Manager Carefully

When I got my laptop, it came with built-in WiFi, and with 3 programs ("Client Managers") to manage the WiFi connection.

  • HP - The laptop vendor.
  • Intel - The WiFi card vendor.
  • Microsoft - The operating system vendor.

The problem is, only one program can manage a WiFi card at any time. Multiple managers = confusion = random disconnects. Each Client Manager program will be different.
  • Information displayed.
  • Organisation of wizards to make settings changes.
  • Security options.

The Microsoft product, Wireless Zero Config, has one major advantage. WZC runs as a service. If you depend upon your computer having connectivity without you being logged in, or even immediately after you login, you may find this a useful feature.

Just make sure that only one client manager is run, at any time.

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