No WiFi Connectivity? Check The Power Settings

So you just got yourself a new laptop computer, and of course a WiFi router so you can use the new computer while lying in bed (no we won't discuss why you want that). And you followed all of the instructions, and you run the WiFi client setup where it lists networks for you to connect to, and you see

No wireless networks are within range.

Dohh! Guess you won't be surfing the web from the bed after all.

But before you give up, and take it all back to the store, check everything again. To start, check power. There are up to 4 power settings, and yes, I will describe the obvious ones too.
  • The laptop has a power switch.
  • The router should (but probably doesn't) have a switch. But check the power cord. Of course, since you just ran the router setup (connected by Ethernet cable), the router must be on. OK, move on.
  • If the laptop has built-in WiFi, it's got a power switch for the radio. The radio is the part of the WiFi device that uses the most power, so every laptop lets you turn the radio off. Most laptops ship with the radio turned off, so you won't use it without knowing that it's on. Read The Manual.
  • Check the router setup, and make sure that the radio there is on. Most WiFi routers ship with the radio turned off, so you don't set one up, with the radio on, without knowing that it's on. This keeps you from inadvertently providing free Internet service to your neighbours. Again, Read The Manual.

Always check the power, after you set everything up. Then check all of the physical issues again.

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