These are links to websites of my friends, and some of my personal activities.

  • The American Red Cross wants to help you to be prepared for disasters.
  • Budowzone is information on how to keep your system running smooth, and to help with Windows security.
  • Chuck's Kitchen is a small, but growing, collection of my favourite recipes. If you come checkout my church, you may get to try one. I'm a Methodist, and Methodists love to cook.
  • Chuck's Miscellaneous Musings are Miscellaneous Thoughts About Local and World Events and Trends, from a techie viewpoint.
  • Crooked Spire is a Celtic music band, that performs in the Bay Area.
  • HowFunky is a place with useless technical content, from an MVP that lives in my area.
  • Jeffrey�s Ruminations is The Thoughts and Musings of Jeffrey Randow, another Networking MVP, about Networking.
  • Martinez Music Forum Gift to the Community was a joyful celebration of the Christmas season, including both secular and spiritual music, including both Crooked Spire and Martinez UMC Choirs. We'll have more during the year - so watch this space!
  • Martinez United Methodist Church is a small yet very active community church, in the East Bay suburbs of San Francisco CA. Drop by sometime, if you're in the area.
  • Mom's Trip To Russia is a pair of blogs - mine and Mom's - about my Mom's trip to Pytagorsk, Russia as a member of a VIM team.
  • MoonLake CyberSmiths WebHosting is a business part owned by a friend at DSLR Forums, and a possible future MVP.
  • Nitecruzr As A Hacker is a rambling tale of my college years, including one very memorable episode where I might have been expelled but for some fortunate circumstances.
  • Nitecruzr Miscellaneous Musings are miscellaneous musings from a techie perspective.
  • Pacific IT Pros, previously known as the San Francisco Networking Technologies Users Group, SFNTUG, is an independent non-profit organization for IT Professionals.
  • The Sounds Of Words is a revolutionary process for teaching reading, to students with special needs, developed by my sister.
  • Where's George? is an intriguing study into where that dollar bill in your pocket has been, and wondering where it will go next. It's free, and fun.

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