Re Install Your Network Hardware

Sometimes, even after repairing the network connection, repairing the LSP / Winsock stack, and / or re setting / re installing the network protocols, your problems continue. The next step is to fix a problem which may be in the bindings between the protocols and the network hardware.

First, always check with the hardware vendor, and find out if there's any driver updates available. Your problem may be something just resolved by the vendor, so download and install any driver updates, from the vendor.

If driver updates aren't available, or if installing them didn't fix the problem, then it's time to re install the hardware. Make sure that you have a good copy of the drivers, in an available location, before starting this procedure. If this is your only computer, back up any network resources, maybe print key articles in this blog, before taking your computer offline.

  1. Un install the drivers for the network hardware.
  2. Restart the computer, with the new drivers easily available.

    • Let the system discover the hardware again, or
    • Restart Device Manager yourself, and re install the drivers.

  3. Restart the computer once more.

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