Lost Ability To Create New Network Connections

When you use the Windows XP System Restore, you have to remember not to restore to a state preserved before a major system update. You can cause major problems, if you try a scenario like:

  1. Upgrade XP to SP2.
  2. Attempt System Restore to a point before the SP2 upgrade.

One of the known consequences of the above scenario is loss of functionality in the New Network Connections wizard. You might observe any of these symptoms:

  • One or more of the selections in the New Connection Wizard may be grayed out (unavailable).
  • The Network Connections folder may be empty.
  • You may receive an error like

    Cannot load Remote Access Connection Manager. Error 711.

When this happens, the only valid recovery is to reapply SP2. After that, you will have to rerun Windows Update, and reapply all upgrades applicable after that procedure.

But what if this isn't the case? What if SP2 wasn't recently applied, or if a system restore to a point before the SP2 upgrade wasn't done? There is one thing you can check. The Remote Access Auto Connection Manager, and Remote Access Connection Manager, services must both be running. If you have this problem, check the Services Wizard, and make sure that those services, and all those that they depend upon, are running (Started and Automatic).

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